Everything You Want To Know (well almost)

Do you have a minimum purchase?
There is no minimum purchase for off the shelf garments. Custom designs and colours may have a logical minimum order quantity to make the garments cost effective.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept, Direct deposit, Cheque, Postal Money Order, and Paypal. When you place an order you will be asked your prefered payment method. You will contaced by email with full invoice details.

I already have artwork/embroidery designed by my current supplier. Do I have to pay for new artwork and digitising?
No. Generally you don't need to spend a cent. You may have paid for your current artwork and your old supplier can give it to you on a CD. If not, with your consent Originality will negotiate with your old supplier or recreate your artwork free of charge.

Can you embroider any font I like?
Embroidery fonts are not the same as other fonts.
However there are many embroidery fonts available.
If the font you want is not one of our standard available alphabets then we will need to digitise the text you want in the style you like. A small charge may apply.

Can I buy garments and not have them embroidered or printed?
Yes. Garment decoration is optional.

Can you send me samples?
Yes. If you need samples for size confirmation or to check colours we can send you garments. However we ask you to pay for the samples, and we will refund or credit your account on there return. If we were to give all our many customers a sample we would have a huge investment tied up in travelling clothing. An extra business expense we would need to recover.

Can you supply my embroidery files on disc?
Yes, you have paid for the digitising of your files and we would be happy to provide you with a CD copy. A small $5 handling fee is all we ask. Occasionally we offer free digitising as a sales pitch. Then, you will understand, the file belongs to us.

How do your sizes measure up?
There is no Australian standard for size measurements in clothing as some designers intend their garments to be a loose or tight fit. Different countries (USA, Europe, Australia and others) use differnt scales to measure size. The big Asian clothing manufacturers will make and label any way you ask them!
Our different suppliers try very hard to be consistent across their ranges. If one style by "maker A" fits you well, then very likely their other styles will fit well also. We endeavour to supply the dimensions of each size of the garments we sell, but this is not always possible.

What quality are your garments?
The garments we sell have been selected for their quality and value. Most have been personally trialled by our staff so we know how tough they are and how to care for them.

Will the syle we select be available in years to come?
Most of our styles are here to stay. However we do include some styles in our catalogue each year that are more fashion oriented, and fashions change. If continuity of supply of a particular garment is important to you, please ask.
We are confident that our suppliers will still be manufacturing for many years. All our suppliers pass a rigourous test of corpoarate values and stability.

Can I iron over my embroidered and screen printed images?
Yes. Embroidery thread and screen printing imk is thermally stable at normal ironing temperatures. CVare should be taken however, not to leave the iron on the image too long.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?
Unfortunately we currently are unable to offer this service. However if you contact us we can bring samples to your business or a mutually acceptable location if you are local. Remote clients can have samples posted to them. See "Can You Send Me Samples?" above.